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Reform Magazine | September 19, 2021

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November 2013

Curious legacy

25/10/2013 |

Sheila Brain celebrates the work of two sisters devoted to sea shells and female education

A La Ronde, on the outskirts of Exmouth, is one of the National Trust’s smallest and quirkiest properties. Built in 1796 by two wealthy spinster … Read More

Simon Jenkins: Godless places

25/10/2013 |

Twitter has plenty of parody accounts, where people posing as Prince Charles or Pippa Middleton share their inappropriate thoughts. One of the most interesting at the moment is the KimKierkegaardashian account. It’s a satire on the empty celeb lifestyle of … Read More

Editorial: Harmless entertainment?

25/10/2013 |

Some months mean more to me than others. April, for example, is just a bunch of days; but the very word “November” takes me instantly back to childhood. Walking down misty streets through fallen leaves. The evening already dark straight … Read More

News comment: The heat is on

25/10/2013 |

Joe Ware reports the latest figures on climate change and hears from the people behind the stats

The latest report on the state of the world’s changing climate was published last month; the world’s leading scientists are now even more … Read More

A good question: Are Christians persecuted in Britain?

25/10/2013 |

Each month we ask one question, and get four answers. This month: Are Christians persecuted in Britain?



This is an extract from the November 2013 edition of  Reform.

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Christian activist: We exorcised the arms fair

25/10/2013 |

Symon Hill joins protestors and exorcists at Defence and Security Exhibition International

I’ve never seen police looking so confused. After clearing protesters from the road outside the London arms fair (Defence and Security Exhibition International, held from 10 to 13 … Read More