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Reform Magazine | December 2, 2021

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Christian activist

Christian activist: Graham Marshall

22/01/2016 |

Graham Marshall looks back on 50 years of work with people struggling with addiction

When I was young, I experimented with drugs and got into trouble. After spending a year in rehab, in the late 1970s, I started volunteering for … Read More

Christian Activist: Lonely this Christmas

27/11/2015 |

Leanne Clelland tackles loneliness at Christmas

On 25 December 2009, Bezwada Wilson, an activist working with manual scavengers in Delhi, was on a train on his way to work. Although a Christian, Wilson had decided six years previously that he … Read More

Christian Activist: Peace at the arms fair

23/10/2015 |

“Standing in front of an armoured vehicle felt 
like a small step in the right direction”

On Tuesday 8 September, I was among many Christians representing a broad spectrum of denominations who travelled from across the country to gather outside … Read More

Christian Activist: Calais and beyond

25/09/2015 |

Vaughan Jones on the refugee crisis

The narrative from the most excitable sections of the media around recent developments in Calais has been clear: We are under attack. The security of the realm is at stake as thousands of migrants … Read More

Christian Activist: ‘Greece deserves a jubilee’

28/08/2015 |

Tim Jones explains why Greece deserves a jubilee

Over the summer, Greece has dominated news headlines. The crisis seems to spark into life every couple of years, but in fact, for the Greek people, it has already lasted more than … Read More

Christian Activist: Dear prime minister

26/06/2015 |

What happened when Mike Walsh wrote to David Cameron

“Writing the letter was one of the hardest things
 I’ve ever done, and may have lost me friends”

However you used your vote on 7 May, I suspect the result was … Read More