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Reform Magazine | May 21, 2024

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July/August 2017 Archives - Reform Magazine

Jumble sales of the apocalypse: Apocalyptic baddies

30/06/2017 |

Simon Jenkins wrestles with apocalyptic baddies

If purgatory gives its inmates time off for reunion get togethers, then one party would easily scoop the prize for the hereafter’s most eccentric celebrity guest list. Among the partygoers would be Putin and … Read More

Interview: Abundance of spirit

30/06/2017 |

Bobbie Houston, cofounder of the globally-recognised Hillsong Church, talks to Stephen Tomkins and Charissa King

Unusually for Reform, we met Bobbie Houston in the penthouse suite of Kensington’s five-star Royal Garden Hotel. The penthouse, we were quickly told, was provided … Read More

Ninety-five more theses – Part one

30/06/2017 |

On 31 October 1517, Martin Luther nailed to the Wittenberg Church door his 95 Theses – 95 one-sentence statements about what he believed was wrong in the practice and teaching of the Church in his day. To mark the 500th … Read More

A good question: Are all welcome?

30/06/2017 |

Jesus invited everyone – but are all equally welcome in church? Our panel considers the question which is the theme of the United Reformed Church’s involvement in Greenbelt festival this year


This is an extract from an article that … Read More

You’re welcome

30/06/2017 |

Imagine a church with no outsiders. Dave Tomlinson reflects on sharing Communion with Muslims

When I told a neighbour who says she doesn’t believe in God that 15 Muslim students came to our Midnight Mass at Christmas, and they received … Read More

The heart of funding

30/06/2017 |

There is a secret to raising money for your local church, says Sam Healey – it comes from the heart

You must be off your rocker! You must be mad!’ cried the ruddy-faced church leader. ‘What’s “heart” got to do with … Read More