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Reform Magazine | June 14, 2024

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July/August 2019 Archives - Reform Magazine

Art in focus: July/August 2019

27/07/2019 |

Self Portrait on the Edge of Loch Linnhe Phill Hopkins, photograph

Here’s a beautiful shot of Loch Linnhe in Scotland. Look more closely. A shadow is cast across the rocks and water. The artist is present. Phill Hopkins employs photography, … Read More

I am… an orphan?

02/07/2019 |

Am I an orphan?

Can you call yourself an orphan as an adult? The word implies child, right? But at what point do you stop being someone’s child? All I know is that, rightly or wrongly, in the lead up … Read More

Do stay for tea and coffee: ‘I’m going to explain the entire Bible…’

01/07/2019 |

The dangers of mistimed sermons

Ah, the mistimed sermon. We’ve all been there. Who hasn’t heard – or possibly even given – one or two of those?

I don’t mean the sermon with inappropriate timing – the wedding sermon citing … Read More

On the pilgrim way: ‘I want to resist conclusions about prayer’

01/07/2019 |

Sheila Maxey tries to describe – and not analyse – prayer

I am very hesitant to speak, let alone write about prayer. It is so easy, as mere mortals, to find ourselves, in our heavy-footed way, analysing, quantifying, drawing conclusions … Read More

Commitment-Phobe: I have an unhealthy addiction to church

01/07/2019 |

Moving on from atheism, Commitment-Phobe toured churches and tried God. Now, as a Christian, her journey continues

As a couple, my husband and I were starting to feel impostor syndrome at church, and so last month we decided to be … Read More

Chapter & verse: Mark 12:17

01/07/2019 |

Kevin Snyman on waking up to the power of money

Franz Jägerstätter sat in his dark prison cell, deep in prayer. It was 1943, and this Austrian Catholic farmer faced a simple choice: promise to serve the Nazi medical corps, … Read More