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Reform Magazine | April 23, 2024

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March 2014 Archives - Reform Magazine

A letter from… Liberia

07/03/2014 |

Hard work and hope in Liberia

Last week I made two suits for women. I could sew three suits in a good week. I earn 250LRD [£2] per suit, so last week I earned 500LRD, but I need to earn … Read More

A good question: Has the ecumenical movement failed?

25/02/2014 |

Each month we ask one question and get four answers.
 This month: Has the ecumenical movement failed?

This is an extract from the March 2014 edition of Reform.

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The future is here

25/02/2014 |

Climate scientists release the second half of their assessment. Joe Ware reports

The British weather has already dominated the news agenda this year with parts of the country seeing the wettest January since records began. The deluge has put global … Read More

The villains’ vicar

24/02/2014 | 1

Dave Tomlinson talks to Stephen Tomkins about train robbers and pub ministry

The Revd Dave Tomlinson found himself on the front page of the papers, and in the frontline for vitriolic criticism, after he took the funeral of the train … Read More

Niall Cooper: Unite with those in hunger

24/02/2014 |

The Christian tradition of Lent has long been a time to fast, and, by doing so, draw closer to our neighbour and closer to God. This year, we will begin a time of fasting while half a million regularly go … Read More

Team spirit

24/02/2014 |

Stan Hazell reports on a Sheffield-based initiative of four local churches

The Terminus Café – on the Sheffield estate of Lowedges – looks like any other café. But, unusually, it opens and closes with prayers, has a prayer board which … Read More