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Reform Magazine | June 13, 2024

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June 2024 Archives - Reform Magazine

In search of Island Chapels

03/06/2024 |

David Gleed explores the spiritual draw of remote islands

Out there, on the horizon, islands beckon, they always do, even on seemingly uninviting, wet, murky days. There’s something mysterious and enchanting about an island, something to be discovered… And getting … Read More

Editorial: Making the effort

03/06/2024 |

As a young teenager – young and clueless – I decided to sell all my Doctor Who stuff and give the money to Tearfund, the Christian charity tackling poverty in the Third World, as we called it then. I felt … Read More

Reviews June 2024

03/06/2024 |

Good stewardship

WildingDirected by David AllenCertificate PG, 75 minutesReleased 14 June

After they inherited Knepp Farm in West Sussex from his parents in the early 1980s, Charlie Burrell and Isabella Tree (Lady Burrell) kept it going for some 17 years … Read More

Art in Focus: June 2024

03/06/2024 |

CaravaggioThe Seven Works of Mercy, 1606Oil on canvasNaples, Pio Monte della Misericordia

In an early episode of the Netflix series Ripley, Tom Ripley gazes enigmatically at Caravaggio’s Seven Works of Mercy. The painting was commissioned as an altarpiece by an … Read More

Soul stories: Barnabas Shin

03/06/2024 |

Barnabas Shin on working through a crisis of faith

My journey of faith started when my sister led me, a five-year-old boy, to church. Although I was not born into a Christian family, I grew up in a faith community. … Read More

On the pilgrim way: ‘I know many widows fighting their lone battles with ageing’

03/06/2024 |

Sheila Maxey is inspired by widows facing older age

I live a very sheltered life these days: a safe familiar home, no financial worries, a supportive family at the end of the phone, good neighbours for the occasional practical crisis….

Read More