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Reform Magazine | June 14, 2024

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May 2023 Archives - Reform Magazine

A good question: How do I pray?

28/04/2023 |

One question, four answers

CLARE DAVISON‘It’s a level of communicating beyond words’

Prayer is very personal and, as I was mulling over this question, I thought back over the different periods of my life, all of which have added to … Read More

Art in focus – May 2023

28/04/2023 |

Keiskamma GuernicaKeiskamma Art Project, 2010

A young doctor arrives in an Eastern Cape village in South Africa. She is appalled at the extreme poverty and deprivation all around her. The HIV/AIDS pandemic is raging, affecting both men and women, and … Read More

Priests and dairy farmers: God’s A-Team

28/04/2023 |

Lessons from the Reformation point the way for outreach and ministry

It’s a common conversation at all levels of the United Reformed Church’s life. How do we balance ministry and outreach with the maintenance of congregations and buildings? How will … Read More

Unlocking abundance

28/04/2023 |

A mission-shaped strategy allows churches to do more with what they have. Lawrence Heath-Moore reports

The primary cause of church decline is not secularisation or the sea changes in social habits: it is that Christianity today no longer looks like … Read More

Jesus and Mission

28/04/2023 |

A series about what we have to learn from Jesus on a range of subjects. This month, Matt Stone looks at Jesus’ attitude to mission

Jesus began his ministry with the famous words, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has … Read More

Chapter & verse: Luke 4: 16-19

28/04/2023 |

Jooseop Keum finds Christ in the margins

The incarnation of Jesus took place among the people at the margins. Jesus was not born in a palace, but a manger, a ragged cowshed, an open and unprotected place. They never expected … Read More