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Reform Magazine | May 18, 2024

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July/August 2022 Archives - Reform Magazine

Glimpsing the Spirit Midwife

24/06/2022 |

Fiona Bennett, Moderator of the United Reformed Church General Assembly for 2022 to 2023 and Minister of Augustine United Church, Edinburgh, talks to Laurence Wareing

How would you describe your early life and influences?I grew up in Aberdeen in a … Read More

On the pilgrim way: ‘I am joining a vast number of carers’

24/06/2022 |

Sheila Maxey recognises her ‘devils’

Kees has had a reprieve: in medical terms he is stable. This means the various support bodies such as District Nurse and Hospice at Home stop calling but say I can call them when needed. … Read More

Do stay for tea and coffee: ‘As many nonconformists together as you can shake a bishop’s crozier at’

24/06/2022 |

Paul Kerensa gets together in Nailsworth

In my day job as a stand-up (well, evening job), I tour the land doing comedy shows for churches – which this week led me to the delightful Cotswold town of Nailsworth. Winding down … Read More

Editorial: In the eyes of a timeless God

24/06/2022 |

Three years ago on this page I wrote about the quiet dread I felt at the imminent prospect of our firstborn going away to university and the dawning era of the empty nest. Now he is completing his degree, and … Read More

Reviews July/August 2022

24/06/2022 |

Transformed by an atrocity

Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck In TimeDirected by Robert B. Weide, Dan ArgottCertificate 15Released 22 July (cinemas and digital platforms)

The late Kurt Vonnegut claims that after touching a tree trunk he saw the bombing of Dresden before … Read More

A good question: What’s so important about diversity?

24/06/2022 |

One question, five answers

Anne Lewitt‘It’s a huge gift from God’

I believe God created the diversity that I see in the people around me – and I also believe that it’s a huge gift to be treasured.

Our URC … Read More