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Reform Magazine | June 13, 2024

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April 2020 Archives - Reform Magazine

Art in focus: April 2020

01/04/2020 |

Transfiguration, from the Gunda Gunde Gospels

In the remote Tigre region of Ethiopia there is a monastery dating back to the late 14th century. Legend has it that it is built on a crater where there lived a dragon named … Read More

The loving sacrifice

30/03/2020 |

Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, reflects on Jesus’ words on the cross

As we gaze on Jesus hanging on the cross, we acknowledge him to be our high priest, the one who presents himself, in his emptiness, to his loving … Read More

The butterflies of mission

30/03/2020 |

Christian discipleship could use some chaos, says Graham Adams

It’s my eighth year of teaching mission studies and religious diversity at Northern College. It’s a great environment and a varied role, with good colleagues and students who keep it lively. … Read More

Voices from the Holy Land: Part three

30/03/2020 |

In 2016, the United Reformed Church agreed to further its work in connection with Israel/Palestine, promoting awareness, prayer and solidarity. As part of this commitment, a team of URC representatives visited Israel and Palestine in autumn 2019. In this series, … Read More

Here & now: Naomi Baldwin

30/03/2020 |

Naomi Baldwin celebrates the feeling of coming home

Age 24. Sounds all grown up, right? When you’re 16 years old, adulthood feels like – or did to me – a world away yet. From taking your GCSEs (or Scottish equivalents) … Read More

I am… a youth worker

30/03/2020 |

James Willett shares the youth worker’s story

I love my job. Having a job which fulfils me and makes a difference in the lives of others is so important.

Two years ago, God called me from Bedford to Hythe, … Read More