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Reform Magazine | May 23, 2024

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November 2023 Archives - Reform Magazine

Change is coming up

30/10/2023 |

Anthony Reddie became Oxford University’s first ever Professor of Black Theology in September. Next year, he will provide anti-racist training to every minister in the United Reformed Church, as part of its commitment to becoming an anti-racist Church. Reform spoke … Read More

When does worship become performance?

30/10/2023 |

Barbara Bennett tries to tell the difference

If for any reason I do not go to church on Sunday I can’t orientate my week. That act of getting together with others to worship God is my anchor – it sets … Read More

How to be a saint: take the initiative

30/10/2023 |

How and why was Saint Andrew claimed as Scotland’s national protector? asks Laurence Wareing

Of Great Britain’s national patron saints, Andrew is the only first-generation apostle. Originally a fisherman from Galilee, it is in the Gospels that Andrew is seen … Read More

Get cracking with this code!

30/10/2023 |

The QR code is your church’s new friend, says Andy Jackson

There is a saying: ‘The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.’ Four years ago, I wrote a piece for Reform about the … Read More

God’s love on a plate

30/10/2023 |

Laurence Wareing discovers that the Wooler Warm Hub is just what the Northumbrian town needed

The market town of Wooler is settled at the edge of the Northumbria National Park. It is not without its facilities; it has shops, pubs … Read More

Chapter and Verse: Luke 1:26-38

30/10/2023 |

Nicola Robinson on Mary

Throughout my childhood, Mary was a prominent figure in my church, in my home, in my school. As a child, I loved listening to stories from the Bible. I learnt four key facts about Mary: an … Read More