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Reform Magazine | July 13, 2024

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November 2023 Archives - Reform Magazine

Change is coming up

30/10/2023 |

Anthony Reddie became Oxford University’s first ever Professor of Black Theology in September. Next year, he will provide anti-racist training to every minister in the United Reformed Church, as part of its commitment to becoming an anti-racist Church. Reform spoke … Read More

Chapter and Verse: Luke 1:26-38

30/10/2023 |

Nicola Robinson on Mary

Throughout my childhood, Mary was a prominent figure in my church, in my home, in my school. As a child, I loved listening to stories from the Bible. I learnt four key facts about Mary: an … Read More

On the pilgrim way: ‘The blessing of living through others is that it can bring self-forgetfulness’

30/10/2023 |

Sheila Maxey finds there is value in living through others

At present I seem to be doing a lot of living through others rather than for others and wondering whether it is a cop out or a gift.

My daughter, … Read More

Do stay for tea and coffee: ‘A door closed and the writer I’d formerly admired continued speaking’

30/10/2023 |

Paul Kerensa offers a warning before pressing record

I suppose all preachers hope their sermons might linger longer. But I wonder how many know if they’re being recorded? Job 19:23 cries out, ‘Oh, that my words were recorded, that they … Read More

Editorial: The Spirit prays on our behalf

30/10/2023 |

Some news stories seem too serious to pass over in silence on this page, and at the same time too serious for me to feel that I have anything worth saying about them. The recent events in Israel and Palestine … Read More

Art in Focus – November 2023

30/10/2023 |

The Red Vineyard / Red Vineyard at Arles (Montmajour)Vincent van Gogh1888

This colourful, vibrant work may well be the only painting its creator Vincent van Gogh ever sold. Certainly, it is the only one for which we have a named … Read More