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Reform Magazine | June 27, 2022

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June 2014

A good question: Divine healing
 – is it real?

27/05/2014 |

Each month we ask one question and get four answers. This month: Does God heal people?



This is an extract from the June 2014 edition of Reform.

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Breaking the silence

27/05/2014 |

The writer and broadcaster Jane Grayshon talks to Stephen Tomkins about a memoir of living with and surviving abuse

Jane Grayshon’s Goodbye Pink Room is a remarkable book. Co-written with a woman known to readers only as Rose, it tells … Read More

Christian activist: Who is the ransomer?

27/05/2014 |

Alastair McIntosh on the bomb and the Cross

Shortly before Easter, Scottish Christians Against Nuclear Arms stood outside the nuclear submarine base at Faslane, gathered in an act of public worship, a witness for peace. We came from many different … Read More

Chapter & verse: Acts 2:4

27/05/2014 |

A mighty thunder, a rush of wind, the tongues of fire, a huge crowd and a passionate speech resulting in the baptism of 3,000. This was the first Pentecost!

A small band of 120 people attracted 3,000 new members; this … Read More

Niall Cooper: Lets get down to earth

27/05/2014 |

The awful cost of funeral poverty

Funeral poverty is almost too awful to want to think about, but that is exactly what increasing numbers of people are confronted with when loved ones pass away.

When Emma’s partner died at a … Read More

Jumble Sales of the apocalypse: What comedy has to teach us about the Trinity

27/05/2014 |

In the movie Nuns on the Run, Robbie Coltrane and Eric Idle play two bank robbers dressed as nuns – Sisters Euphemia and Inviolata – hiding out in a convent to escape a spot of bother in gangland. They quickly … Read More