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Reform Magazine | June 26, 2022

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A good question

A good question: What’s so important about diversity?

24/06/2022 |

One question, five answers

Anne Lewitt‘It’s a huge gift from God’

I believe God created the diversity that I see in the people around me – and I also believe that it’s a huge gift to be treasured.

Our URC … Read More

A good question: How should Churches respond to the legacies of slavery?

28/05/2022 |

One question, four answers

Richard Reddie‘Churches must repair the damage’

The recent visits of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Earl and Countess of Wessex to the Caribbean to mark Her Majesty the Queen’s 70-year reign, were largely overshadowed … Read More

A good question: How do we make peace?

27/04/2022 |

One question, four answers

John Cooper‘Peace is a team effort’

As I write, the conflict in Ukraine continues. Images flash up day after day of bombs and hurt and pain. Individuals share painful stories of loss and death. It feels … Read More

A good question: What’s the best sermon you’ve ever heard?

28/03/2022 |

One question, four answers

Katrina Clifford‘Each sermon is part of the path’

As someone who has recently been commissioned as a lay preacher, I wish I could say that I remember countless (or any!) truly impactful sermons. However, that isn’t … Read More

A good question: What makes a good leader?

25/02/2022 |

One question, four answers

DAVID SALSBURY‘A good leader is also a follower’

There are many right answers to this question – and if recent events in British politics are anything to go by, quite a few wrong ones too!…

David … Read More

A good question: Do we sing too much in church?

28/01/2022 |

One question four answers


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