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Reform Magazine | March 2, 2021

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Chapter & verse

Chapter & verse: Matthew 11:29

01/03/2021 |

John Swinton commends doing small things with great love

Mother Theresa once observed: ‘In this life, we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.’ Doing small things with great love is to allow our … Read More

Chapter & verse: John 2:1-12

29/01/2021 |

John Bradbury considers what a wedding party tells us about God’s kingdom

It seems perverse to invite you to contemplate a vast wedding celebration just now. I’m writing this in the middle of a lockdown, when large gatherings of friends … Read More

Commitment-Phobe: Church busyness

29/01/2021 |

I’m relieved church doors have closed

I have something to confess. I feel a relief that my church has taken the decision to not reopen after Christmas. I feel terribly guilty about this but, in all honesty, I am not … Read More

Chapter & verse: Isaiah 61:10-62:3

01/12/2020 |

Peter Cruchley on why Isaiah reminds him of footballer Marcus Rashford

Let’s explore these words from Isaiah alongside the words of the English footballer Marcus Rashford, who wrote – on 2 November, in an open letter to his ten-year-old self: … Read More

Chapter & verse: Ephesians 1:22

23/10/2020 |

What sort of king is Christ? asks Rosalind Selby

In the last two weeks before the end of the lectionary year, the readings set have the theme of Christ the King. I’ve chosen the Ephesians reading for 22 November.

Christ … Read More

Chapter & verse: Numbers 6:22-27

28/09/2020 |

Alison Gray examines the Aaronic blessing

One of the beautiful and inspiring things to come out of lockdown was a wave of recordings of the blessing prayer, from singers and musicians around the world. Singers and musicians covered Elevation Worship’s … Read More