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Reform Magazine | July 15, 2024

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Chapter & verse: Mark 6:39

03/07/2024 |

Lance Stone walks in green pastures

It is a notable feature of the story of the feeding of the 5,000 that, apart from the resurrection, it is the only miracle that features in all four Gospels. As is usual in … Read More

Chapter & verse: Mark 4:35-41

03/06/2024 |

Paul Dean recalls choppy sea crossings

After six days of bringing order out of chaos God rested but, even so, to find Jesus asleep on a cushion is surprising. It certainly surprised the disciples in the story of the storm … Read More

Chapter & verse: Acts 1:6-11

29/04/2024 |

Al Barrett gets earthy with the Ascension

The ancient Egyptian myth of Osiris tells of a ‘green’ god, born of earth and sky, a river god in a dangerously overheating world, who offers his cooling waters to the parched earth. … Read More

Chapter and Verse: Acts 8:26-40

26/03/2024 |

What if we were like Philip? asks Chen Yu-Fen

As a Taiwanese missionary in London, this passage has resonated deeply with me…

Chen Yu-Fen leads the Salt of Light Taiwanese fellowship in London


This is an extract … Read More

Chapter and Verse: Luke 1:26-37

28/02/2024 |

Mark Jason sees our relationship with God modelled by Mary

Our relationship with God often becomes casual and devoid of a sense of true reverence and awe…

Mark Jason is a Methodist minister at Trinity URC Methodist Church in Great … Read More

Chapter and Verse: Genesis 45:4-5; 50:20-21

29/01/2024 |

Joseph is a model of public leadership, says Andy Lie

We enter each new year living with the tension of hope for peace and stability in a troubled world, and the need to put our trust in God when it … Read More