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Reform Magazine | January 23, 2022

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Chapter & verse

Chapter & verse: Mark 5: 1-20

29/11/2021 |

Stuart Radcliffe on demons

Are you allowed to have a favourite passage of Scripture? I’m not sure, but if you are, then this would be one of mine!

It’s a great story. It has a bit of everything in it … Read More

Chapter & Verse: Jonah 3:1-5, 10

02/11/2021 |

Meg Warner explores Jonah’s bumbling prophecy

On the surface, this story is a simple one. A reluctant prophet is prodded back on track by Yahweh. He prophesies to the city of Nineveh as Yahweh has asked and is spectacularly successful … Read More

Chapter & verse: Matthew 16:13-20

24/09/2021 |

Emmanuel Frimpong hears Jesus’s call

Who is Jesus Christ? For some people, Jesus Christ was just a human being, the son of a carpenter and a woman who was not a virgin. For such people, it is unthinkable for Jesus … Read More

Chapter & verse: Isaiah 40:6-8

31/08/2021 |

Sam White on liminal times

As I write, it is summer and the country, Westminster College and many churches are working their way into the period following the government’s easing of restrictions. The prevalence of the virus persists, but there’s … Read More

Chapter & verse: Mark 6: 4-11

29/06/2021 |

Alex Clare-Young finds a new kind of family in Jesus

In a remarkably human pair of stories, Jesus is first made to feel unwelcome in his hometown, and then tells his disciples what to do if they, too, are made … Read More

Chapter & verse: Ruth 1:16-17

28/05/2021 |

Malini Colville reflects on Ruth and Naomi’s story of hospitality

Journeys to new places bring excitement, an opportunity to research and plan, and a sense of adventure – something we have all missed during the pandemic. As someone born in … Read More