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Reform Magazine | May 18, 2024

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April 2022 Archives - Reform Magazine

A good question: What’s the best sermon you’ve ever heard?

28/03/2022 |

One question, four answers

Katrina Clifford‘Each sermon is part of the path’

As someone who has recently been commissioned as a lay preacher, I wish I could say that I remember countless (or any!) truly impactful sermons. However, that isn’t … Read More

Art in Focus – April 2022

28/03/2022 |

Detail from The lamentation over the dead Christ with saints,Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi, also known as Sandro Botticelli(a nickname meaning ‘little barrel’), 1499-1500

Is there a better depiction of devotion and love, of the need to cherish and … Read More

Let’s walk together

28/03/2022 |

Bishop Mike Royal started work as the new General Secretary of the ecumenical body Churches Together in England in March and will be inducted in May. His previous career shows a commitment to help Christians have a transformative impact on … Read More

Ukraine: What’s the real story?

28/03/2022 |

Meic Pearse explains the historical background to the war in Ukraine

This story, like most true stories, is long and complicated. Russia and Ukraine are two modern names for countries that both claim to be the present incarnation of the … Read More

It’s time to talk: Youth, covid and mental health

28/03/2022 |

In the second of a series of articles looking at factors impacting on mental health, Laurence Wareing explores the impact of Covid on younger people, and asks where they go from here

Stress and anxiety are not intrinsically bad for … Read More

Unearthing hope, seeking justice

28/03/2022 |

Roo Stewart reflects on how hope and justice-seeking go hand in hand

For Christians, the resurrection of Jesus is a living hope that sustains us through the darkest of times and emboldens us to pray and work for a future … Read More