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Reform Magazine | January 24, 2021

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September 2020

Here & now: Dan Simpson

29/08/2020 |

Dan Simpson argues that churches can end homelessness

I’ve never encountered a church that wasn’t busy. We do a lot for the benefit of the wider community. Even during lockdown, it has been quite stunning to see how the Church … Read More

On the pilgrim way: ‘I came across our pre-wedding letters’

29/08/2020 |

Sheila Maxey discovers her pre-wedding letters

During the spacious days of lockdown in June, I came across a box containing letters that my husband Kees and I wrote to each other during our engagement, from 1961 to 1962. Our daughter, … Read More

Do stay for tea and coffee: ‘Church hoppers, stop’

29/08/2020 |

I’ve spent many years not settling in a church. It wasn’t the churches’ fault. It was me. Hear my confession: I’ve always been a church hopper. And hear my call: Church hoppers, stop it.

As a student, I must have … Read More

Editorial: The measure of success

29/08/2020 |

There’s no surer way to show your age than by complaining about how education has changed. Apart from complaining about your aches and pains, I suppose, but I’ll spare you that for now.

I have fond memories of my O … Read More

Art in focus: September 2020

29/08/2020 |

Jawahar AnshurMarc Quinn, concrete

Marc Quinn made headlines in July for his sculpture, A Surge of Power (Jen Reid), which was immediately removed by Bristol Council from the plinth newly vacated by the controversial figure of Edward Colston. Some people … Read More

Interview: A fair cop

29/08/2020 |

Leroy Logan, retired police superintendent, talks toCharissa King and Stephen Tomkins

Leroy Logan was a 25-year-old research scientist when his annual appraisal unexpectedly included the recommendation that he join the police. So began a 30-year calling that he never imagined … Read More