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Reform Magazine | July 15, 2024

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October 2017 Archives - Reform Magazine

Commitment-Phobe: Church stress

30/10/2017 |

Does church have to be so stressful?

I guess I named myself Commitment-Phobe for a reason. I have a restless soul. Having confirmed myself in the Anglican faith, I now want to try out faith at another church or denomination, … Read More

A good question: What makes a disciple?

22/09/2017 | 1


As the United Reformed Church prepares for ‘Walking the Way: Living the life of Jesus today’, a renewed emphasis on discipleship, we ask What makes a disciple?


These are extracts from a longer article that was published in the … Read More

Interview: A new song

22/09/2017 |

John Bell talks to Stephen Tomkins

At Greenbelt festival on 26 August, 39 years after his ordination, John Bell, the hymnwriter and Iona Community leader, spoke publicly about his sexuality for the first time. ‘I’m gay,’ he said. ‘This is … Read More

News comment: A day at war

22/09/2017 |

Mark Meatcher reports on his activism at No Faith in War Day, a nonviolent protest against the DSEI arms fair in London

I believe the Spirit of God is stirring deep inside me at the moment.

I attended my first … Read More

Welcome back!

22/09/2017 |

The United Reformed Church explores inclusion at Greenbelt festival

The United Reformed Church went to Greenbelt this August, for the second year of its associate partnership with the festival. The URC produced a packed programme of events on the theme … Read More

When is a person not a person?

22/09/2017 |

Margie is still Margie. So why, asks Lucy Berry, do people treat her like less of a person when they hear she has early-onset dementia?

When you meet her, you can’t tell that Revd Margie has early-onset dementia. She is … Read More