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Reform Magazine | July 13, 2024

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February 2016 Archives - Reform Magazine

A good question: Why are young people being radicalised?

22/01/2016 |

One question, four answers


This is an extract from the February 2016 edition of Reform.

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Papua New Guinea diary

22/01/2016 |

Falling buildings and friendly feasts, bruised buttocks and global family – a visit to Papua New Guinea has it all. Last year, David Grosch-Miller and his wife Carla went there as guests of the United Church. Here, as part of … Read More

A letter from… Kenya

22/01/2016 |

Monica Achieng on living in a malaria zone

I am expecting a baby in February. It’s my third pregnancy – I have two sons, Jeff is 10 and Hilary is eight. My husband is a motorbike driver and has gone … Read More

Jumble sales of the apocalypse: Do we expect too much of Beelzebub?

22/01/2016 |

Satan is quite frequently in the news these days, but the following headline recently caught my eye. A millionaire televangelist with the apt name of Creflo Dollar accused the devil of blocking his dreams of buying a $65m personal jet. … Read More

Christian activist: Graham Marshall

22/01/2016 |

Graham Marshall looks back on 50 years of work with people struggling with addiction

When I was young, I experimented with drugs and got into trouble. After spending a year in rehab, in the late 1970s, I started volunteering for … Read More

20 Questions – David Suchet

22/01/2016 |

A new feature: David Suchet gives 20 answers

What is your favourite time of year? I love spring. The sooner it starts the better.
 The daffodils coming through, new life,
animals courting, leaves coming on trees,
new smells, new things to look … Read More