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Reform Magazine | April 15, 2021

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March 2020

A good question: Where are we now?

21/02/2020 |

One question, four answers


These are extracts from an article that was published in the March 2020 edition of Reform

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Interview: It was good

21/02/2020 |

Ruth Valerio of Tearfund talks to Stephen Tomkins

The climate crisis is about as contemporary as anything can be, and an issue for far into the future, but Ruth Valerio’s response is to take us right back to the beginning. … Read More

I am… a street preacher

21/02/2020 |

A street preacher’s story by Maurice Omorojie

Increasing preoccupations with science, technology and humanism have resulted in a societal shift from belief in a supreme being to belief in serendipity and mischance. With this comes a backlash against Christianity. Christians … Read More

Commitment-Phobe: Why fast?

21/02/2020 |

I need to understand the purpose of Lent to model it to my daughter

I have been feeling really challenged by Lent this year, and, in particular, fasting. What is it all about? And why do we do it as … Read More

Chapter and verse: Luke 15:11-32

21/02/2020 |

Stuart Dew on the value of proactive forgiveness

I asked ten people what the word ‘prodigal’ brought to mind. Nine said the story of the prodigal son. And most of them are not churchgoers.

‘Prodigal’ is a word not … Read More

On the pilgrim way: ‘He sings as he never has before’

21/02/2020 |

On a dark, damp, late January day, I briefly nipped into the garden to feed the birds. I noticed, to my surprise, that the garden was full of new growth – green spikes of daffodils poking through, gorgeous Lenten roses, … Read More