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Reform Magazine | July 14, 2020

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Stay online

26/06/2020 |

Do online services create a two-tier church of those who can and cannot join in? Or can they ensure everyone is included – at last? A challenge from Lawrence Moore

It’s time to look to life beyond lockdown and begin … Read More

Where does the money go?

26/06/2020 |

Finances may be stretched for many of us at the moment. But being careful with your money doesn’t just benefit you, says Roo Stewart

“Mummy, where does the money go?” I asked one day, standing at the checkouts in our … Read More

A time to give

26/06/2020 |

Charities and aid organisations are struggling during the pandemic, losing millions of pounds in vital revenue, and the people who depend on their support are struggling all the more. Can we help? We asked some of the organisations Reform works … Read More

The future of the Church: Eight provocative propositions

26/06/2020 |

Kathryn Price considers how the United Reformed Church can and must change

What will the Church look like in the future? How will we minister? What form will our participation in God’s mission take?

These are questions that I have … Read More

God’s love in action

29/05/2020 |

The book of Ruth has something to say about life in lockdown, finds Alison Gray

I wonder if there are certain biblical passages or stories that have struck you in a new way during this period of lockdown? I know … Read More

Where hope is found

29/05/2020 |

Charissa King discovers awardwinning communityservice in Rhyl

Two weeks before the UK lockdown, a Welsh town centre faced a different kind of confinement. A gunman was on the loose in Rhyl, Denbighshire. Police cordoned off the central area to investigate. … Read More