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Reform Magazine | June 14, 2024

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November 2014 Archives - Reform Magazine

Church has to change

25/09/2015 |

We can’t go on using up resources as we do. But we can, argues Alex Mabbs, rediscover the delight
 of community and generosity

Responding to climate change, a threat to the survival humankind, can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have … Read More

A bigger embrace

24/10/2014 | 1

Steve Chalke talks to Stephen Tomkins about faith and works

As a young Christian, Steve Chalke was turned down twice for Bible college. Today, his church and its local projects employ 82 people, while the charity he founded, Oasis – … Read More

Who is my electronic neighbour?

24/10/2014 |

Has the age of the internet changed the answer to the Gospel’s famous question? asks Jill Segger

A trick question, an attempt at entrapment, a Socratic answer and a story which has been read and pondered for 2,000 years. The … Read More

Jumble sales of the apocalypse: Shopping for relics

24/10/2014 |

Simon Jenkins goes window shopping for relics

I visited Rome a few years ago, just after Papa Benny got the top job. Despairing of the gargantuan queue for the Sistine Chapel, I descended instead into the bowels of St Peter’s, … Read More

Niall Cooper: What price a home?

24/10/2014 |

The insanity of the housing market

What price do we put on everyone having access to a home? According to the late Pope John Paul II: “A house is much more than a simple roof over one’s head. The place … Read More

Chapter and Verse: Matthew 20:1-16

24/10/2014 |

Lawrence Moore explores a parable of pay and generosity

Generosity is good in very small, occasional doses, or when we’re its recipient. Otherwise, it’s against the rules: It’s unfair, indecent and undermines the good ordering of society. And if it … Read More