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Reform Magazine | June 26, 2022

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May 2015

Jumble sales of the apocalypse: When prayer goes wrong

24/04/2015 |

“This building is prayer conditioned,” reads the sign outside Ryde Methodist Church, on the Isle of Wight. “God answers knee-mail,” says the sign recommending Vinings United Methodist in Atlanta, Georgia. What is it about prayer (and church signs) that makes … Read More

Cow power

24/04/2015 |

Christian Aid turns 70 this year. To mark Christian Aid Week (from 10 to 16 May) Joe Ware reports on how one cow can transform the lives of women in Ethiopia and change both communities and culture

Sat on a … Read More

Chapter and verse: John 1:15

24/04/2015 |

“Trinity affirms that Jesus is our window into the heart of God. But where’s the Easter story in that?”

Trinity Sunday 2015 takes place on 31 May; preachers who have not been able to avoid this particular Sunday will be … Read More

Medicine in the moral maze

24/04/2015 |

Britain became the first country to legalise “three-parent babies” this year, despite the opposition of some Christians. A breakthrough against disease, or a breakdown in modern values? John Bryant weighs up the issues

Is medical science taking us on a … Read More

Christian activist: Speak out for the children

24/04/2015 |

“If this sickness is ignored, we face the death of Britain as we have known it”

We are at a critical point in the history of our nation. We are a sick nation and, if this sickness is ignored and … Read More

Prince of peace

24/04/2015 |

The knife crime campaigner and boxer Mark Prince talks to Stephen Tomkins

Mark Prince is not a stranger to loss. He was a successful professional boxer, with 20 wins in 21 fights, until an injury brought his career to a … Read More