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Reform Magazine | April 23, 2024

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February 2015 Archives - Reform Magazine

What makes the Holocaust unique?

27/01/2023 |

Steve Tomkins, editor of Reform magazine, has written the following web reflection to mark this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day.

The Holocaust is a story of unique horror in our society. But I wonder what exactly it is that makes … Read More

Roberta Rominger interview: Church service

23/01/2015 |

Roberta Rominger, general secretary of the United Reformed Church from 2008 to 2014, talks to Stephen Tomkins about the leading, serving and the future of the Church

Who’d be a Church leader? It’s a job that sometimes seems to involve … Read More

A good question: Do we have free will?

23/01/2015 |

Each month we ask one question and get four answers. This month: Do we have free will?


This is an extract from the February 2015 edition of Reform.

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Opening Worship

23/01/2015 |

Church buildings have become more accessible to people of differing abilities, but,
asks Craig Bowman, how accessible is the worship that happens in them?

The church I am leading worship in is accessible to people of differing abilities. It has a … Read More

A letter from… Romania

23/01/2015 |

Béla Kató and Gábor Markó report on church property seizure in Romania

Our faith in the rule of law, which has lasted 25 years, vanished today [28 November], when the Ploiesti Court Board renationalised the Reformed Székely Mikó High School, … Read More

Niall Cooper: Join the society debate

23/01/2015 |

What Christians have to do with politics

With the general election approaching, 2015 is a year of decision. Our society is facing fundamental challenges: Rising levels of poverty, inequality and austerity, a housing crisis, challenges facing children and young people, … Read More