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Reform Magazine | June 27, 2019

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September 2017

Chapter & verse: Judges 19:20-29

25/08/2017 |

Eve Parker highlights violence against women

You’ll not often hear a sermon about Judges 19 – which includes a grotesque, violent rape and murder. But then church is not often used as a space to reflect on rape, human trafficking, … Read More

For the sake of argument

25/08/2017 |

For the last ten years, Justin Brierley has presented the Unbelievable? radio show, where atheists debate with Christians. Here he shares what he’s learned, and why, after a decade in the crossfire, he is still a Christian

I once heard … Read More

Interview: Peace crime

25/08/2017 |

Sam Walton, Quaker peace activist, talks to Stephen Tomkins and Charissa King

In the early hours of 21 January, Sam Walton and the Methodist minister Dan Woodhouse broke into Warton Aerodrome, the assembly and testing facility of BAE Systems. In … Read More

Commitment-Phobe: Confirming my faith

25/08/2017 |

Moving on from atheism, Commitment-Phobe toured churches and tried God. Now, as a new Christian, her journey continues

I was recently confirmed in the Anglican Church tradition. Why? Well, that was the question I had to ask myself too. My … Read More

Jumble sales of the apocalypse: Divine crustaceans

25/08/2017 |

Simon Jenkins on divine crustaceans

There was some good news a week or two ago when the face of Jesus was spotted on a crab trying to escape from a fishing pot. A US park ranger made the identification when … Read More

I am… on a zero-hours contract

25/08/2017 |

A new, anonymous column for Reform

I am a nursery worker in the north of England. I work, and I am in poverty. I have worked at three different nurseries on zero-hours contracts. I usually hear on the Friday … Read More