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Reform Magazine | April 22, 2019

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Commitment-Phobe: I speak out

01/04/2019 |

I am learning to speak out and disagree well

Last month I was talking about needing to see more grace, in myself and in others. This month I have had the joy of seeing relationships with fellow Christians radically shift, … Read More

Commitment-Phobe: My silence on abortion

22/02/2019 |

Why do I say nothing when they talk like that?

I am part of many church-related WhatsApp groups for sending and receiving messages. I use these groups to arrange meetings, receive encouragement – scriptures, worship songs etc – or just … Read More

Commitment-Phobe: Break from church

25/01/2019 |

A break from church raises tricky questions

Late last year, I had a work opportunity that took me away from home for two months. It was challenging for both my family and me, but also very rewarding. I relished the … Read More

Commitment-Phobe: Women’s work

27/11/2018 |

Church helpers: where are the men?

A woman’s work is never done. Is that an old-fashioned concept? If so, why is so much work at church assumed to belong to the women? When I first started going to church, I … Read More

Commitment-Phobe: Noisy answered prayer

30/10/2018 |

Trouble with my neighbour, part three

I don’t get on with my neighbour. My neighbour does not get on with me. Life goes on.

Most of the time it does not matter. When I am not too busy or too … Read More

Commitment-Phobe: Bad neighbour, part two

01/10/2018 |

Trouble with my neighbour, part two

How do you pray for someone when what you really want to do is punch them in the face? This is the obstacle that my husband and I have had to face throughout this … Read More