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Reform Magazine | January 23, 2022

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I am…

I am… managing Palestinian rehabilitation

29/11/2021 |

Rami Khader fights the fear of demolitions in Palestine

When you ask people what home means to them, many will say that, as well as a physical space, it is their homeland, the land of their ancestors, a cause they … Read More

I am… a Rwandan refugee

02/11/2021 |

Alphonsine Kabagabo tells of her escape from Rwanda

When we learnt about the death of the Rwandan President, Juvénal Habyarimana, on 7 April 1994, we knew that it was over for every Tutsi person in Rwanda. On that day, I … Read More

I am… a survivor of conversion therapy

24/09/2021 |

A survivor of conversion therapy looks back

I grew up in a small village west of Edinburgh during the 80s and 90s. Knowing from a very early age that I was lesbian meant that I harboured a constant, painful secret. … Read More

I am… a long Covid survivor

31/08/2021 |

Rebecca Yorke on suffering with long Covid

I give a long slow exhale – well, as long as I can manage. After three attempts at explaining, I give up, as my colleague is resolute she’d be OK with three days … Read More

I am… persecuted for my faith

29/06/2021 |

I have had a fervent and committed faith since I converted to Christ in 2010. On 12 December 2012, I began to attend the Fuego y Dinámica International Apostolic Ministry Church in Camagüey, here in Cuba, where I worked as … Read More

I am… a former Amazon worker

28/05/2021 |

Cameron Brady-Turner relives Amazon days

Mention Amazon to those who work at its warehouses, and cheap books, one-click delivery and the A-to-Z smile are unlikely to be what springs to mind. I worked for Amazon for six months in 2013. … Read More