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Reform Magazine | June 27, 2022

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I am…

I am… a foster carer

24/06/2022 |

How fostering reflects God’s many-roomed house

I vividly remember the day I bumped into an old friend who was now a foster carer, who told me that just that morning she had received a call from her social worker. There … Read More

We are… humanitarian aid workers

28/05/2022 |

Robertson and Annette Marshall go trucking for Ukraine

The DriverVisiting Moldova has opened my eyes to poverty that hopefully we will never know. I first went with TEECH, a charity that takes aid to local communities. It also works in … Read More

I am… an irreligious Jew

27/04/2022 |

Rio Goldhammer considers his identity

This photo was taken at the soundcheck to my band 1919’s gig at the Dublin Castle in Camden. I became something of a rebel in my teenage years and was drawn to punk and metal, … Read More

We are… staying in Ukraine

28/03/2022 |

Messages from Timothy and Rhoda Sloan, Irish Christians who have led mission work in Lutsk, Ukraine, since 2002

22 FebruaryThis is quite possibly our last means of correspondence for some time. War is imminent and the consequences dreadful.

A state … Read More

I am… a refugee

25/02/2022 |

Syrian refugees look back over ten years in exile

Marking the tenth anniversary of the start of the Syrian civil war, in November and December Syrian exiles shared their stories under the tag #أنا_لاجئ (#Iamarefugee). These are some of their … Read More

I am… a funeral director

28/01/2022 |

Mark Mason tells the funeral director’s story

I got into funeral directing because I wanted something to do while the girls were at nursery. I was at home looking after the children while my wife was working and needed something … Read More