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Reform Magazine | August 14, 2022

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March 2013

When chapels changed the world

20/02/2013 |

What is it about nonconformists of the past that drove them to strive for a just society? Lesley Husselbee investigates

Picture a wealthy, Victorian middle-class cotton mill owner driving home in his carriage down Oxford Road, Manchester to his suburban … Read More

Atheist Church: Reviewed

20/02/2013 |

The Sunday Assembly opened its doors in January, with hymns and collection, but no God. Simon Jenkins reports

I’ve often wondered what would happen if you took the religion out of a Sunday church service. What would be left? How … Read More

On the pigrim way: The pros and cons of forgetfulness

20/02/2013 |

Like many people my age (mid-70s) I am forgetting names and, increasingly, words. It is so frustrating – and sometimes frightening – not to be able to find a word I know perfectly well. However, some hours later, perhaps next … Read More

Reviews – March 2013

20/02/2013 |

The cult of Newbigin

From Crisis to Creation: Lesslie Newbigin and the Reinvention of Christian Mission Mark TB Laing Wipf & Stock (Pickwick Publications) $35

The second half of the 20th Century saw the emergence of the global ecumenical movement, … Read More

Sonia Christie – Eco-Gardener: Bidding Reform farewell

20/02/2013 |

Alex was looking for inspiration with his homework: he had to design a superhero and it was fascinating how the suggestions mirrored the family’s passions:

“Spaghetti-Man?” suggested my forever-ravenous Ollie. “He could zap out pasta strings to tie up the … Read More

Community-minded: How to transform a community

20/02/2013 |

Sometimes we find we have reached the same point as someone else, but from a different starting point and with very different motives. When that happens, we can journey along in fruitful partnership for a while, though always aware that … Read More