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Reform Magazine | October 1, 2020

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A place at the table

10/11/2017 |

A growing number of churches are engaging with the question of whether or not to offer Communion to children. The answer, says Jo Williams, should always be yes

The question of whether children should be admitted to the Eucharist has … Read More

Reviews – April 2015

21/04/2015 |

Rain of terror

The Ark Written by Tony Jordan BBC One, broadcast 30 March, 90 minutes

Noah looks in silence over a post-diluvian landscape, fingers the dry ground and surveys the remaining pools of floodwater on the barren land. Then, … Read More

Niall Cooper: No crime, but punishment

21/04/2015 |

The harsh reality of benefit sanctions

Golda worked for a local charity in Manchester until she was laid off in July 2013 due to funding cuts. As a condition of receiving jobseekers allowance, she was asked to apply for eight … Read More

Commitment-Phobe: Taking the plunge

21/04/2015 |

Baptism: Commitment-Phobe takes the plunge

One summer, 12 years ago, I went round to my good friend’s house. As
we got ready to go to a party, she said: “I have something to tell you.”

“Oh no! What’s happened?” I asked.

Read More

Chapter and verse: Mark 16:8

21/04/2015 |

Rosalind Selby finds courage in those who were afraid

The Gospels do not tell us precisely the same story of the tomb on Easter Day. Matthew has two women at the tomb, and John only Mary Magdalene, but in both … Read More

A letter from… Irbil, Iraq

21/04/2015 |

A Christian refugee reports from Irbil, Iraq

I’m from Karemlesh, a small village near Mosul. Now, the third floor of an unfinished shopping mall in Irbil is like a new Karemlesh: We have more than 100 families from Karemlesh living … Read More