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Reform Magazine | August 14, 2022

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September 2021

Worship with Dementia

31/08/2021 |

People with dementia and age-related disabilities are coming together in an award-winning worship activity in Shrewsbury. Stephen Tomkins reports

At Messy Vintage, it is not always clear who is helping out and who has come to take part in the … Read More

Finding the mission generation

31/08/2021 |

Phil Knox explores how to reach, engage and disciple young adults

They are known as the connected generation, the snowflake generation, the generation most talked about and talked to. Throughout the pandemic, they have been criticised for their lack of … Read More

Chapter & verse: Isaiah 40:6-8

31/08/2021 |

Sam White on liminal times

As I write, it is summer and the country, Westminster College and many churches are working their way into the period following the government’s easing of restrictions. The prevalence of the virus persists, but there’s … Read More

Commitment-Phobe: Mask anxiety

31/08/2021 |

Church is giving me mask anxiety

The weekend after ‘Freedom Day’ removed Covid regulations in England and Wales, I was due to lead worship. On the Tuesday, I asked our vicar how we would be doing things now. He said … Read More

I am… a long Covid survivor

31/08/2021 |

Rebecca Yorke on suffering with long Covid

I give a long slow exhale – well, as long as I can manage. After three attempts at explaining, I give up, as my colleague is resolute she’d be OK with three days … Read More

Here and now: Reuben Watt

31/08/2021 |

Are we making church-friendly children, or child-friendly church? asks Reuben Watt

If you attend a United Reformed Church, you may be lucky enough to go to one that has been awarded a Child-Friendly Church Award. This award is given to … Read More