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Reform Magazine | March 2, 2021

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Do stay for tea and coffee

Do stay for tea and coffee: What message should 2021 You give to 2020 You?

01/03/2021 |

Paul Kerensa talks back to 2020

Early 2020. You’re out shopping. Possibly off to a cafe, pub or restaurant. Suddenly, a strange person emerges from, say, a DeLorean or old-fashioned police box. Strange, because it’s you. You from 2021.

You … Read More

Do stay for tea and coffee: ‘We scatter God’s word, seeds of hope’

29/01/2021 |

Paul Kerensa on broadcasting, from the roaring 20s to the 2020s

My lockdown project last year wasn’t sourdough or jigsaws (try a sourdough jigsaw – the crumbs are very difficult to put back together again.) It was researching the origins … Read More

Do stay for tea and coffee: “I’ll be home for Christmas,” so the song goes. Won’t we all?’

01/12/2020 |

Paul Kerensa shares Covid-safe Christmas ideas

A couple of months ago in this column, I asked for your outside-the-box ideas to light up this bleak midwinter. If we can’t sing in church, if the Rule of Six-Geese-a-Laying means no big … Read More

Do stay for tea and coffee: ‘I made an accidental prophecy’

03/11/2020 |

Paul Kerensa makes an accidental prophecy

When the nights draw in, my diary normally gets busy. Colder months need a bit of cheer, so my comedian colleagues and I would brighten dark days via light entertainment. Oh and a raffle. … Read More

Do stay for tea and coffee: ‘This is no ordinary Christmas…’

28/09/2020 |

Paul Kerensa imagines a Covid-era Christmas

Christmas markets will struggle this year. Which local creators, sole traders and small businesses can you support? Encourage family or friends to get behind your local artistes and artisans.

I normally save my inevitable … Read More

Do stay for tea and coffee: ‘Church hoppers, stop’

29/08/2020 |

I’ve spent many years not settling in a church. It wasn’t the churches’ fault. It was me. Hear my confession: I’ve always been a church hopper. And hear my call: Church hoppers, stop it.

As a student, I must have … Read More