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Reform Magazine | February 26, 2021

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Editorial: Turning over a new leaf

29/01/2021 |

One of the most disconcerting experiences I’ve had for a while was watching interviews with protesters arriving in Washington on 6 January, Epiphany. These were not the rioters who broke into the Capitol, but peaceful demonstrators in support of President … Read More

Editorial: A sustained assault on democracy

01/12/2020 |

In the early days of Donald Trump’s presidency, there were widely circulated rumours of a dossier of compromising material on him. Such rumours were neither here nor there, one would have thought. Considering what the US public already knew about … Read More

Editorial: Keep the stories coming

23/10/2020 |

I have been poring over old copies of Reform for a book I’m writing, and was struck by John Gregory’s editorial from the third issue, in January 1973. What has changed, and what hasn’t!

Good news first: it looks as … Read More

Three cheers for the free press

28/09/2020 |

What are we to do about unsatisfactory publications? (And yes, I’m aware of all the rude answers that question invites.) What should we do about press and media that are guilty of bias, or that are in the control of … Read More

Editorial: The measure of success

29/08/2020 |

There’s no surer way to show your age than by complaining about how education has changed. Apart from complaining about your aches and pains, I suppose, but I’ll spare you that for now.

I have fond memories of my O … Read More

Editorial: Keep appreciating

26/06/2020 |

I took a little bit ill last week. Nothing very specific, certainly not youknowwhat, but it was enough to put me in bed. The next morning, I felt well again. No, that’s not quite right. The next morning, I felt … Read More