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Reform Magazine | September 19, 2018

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Editorial: Go ahead, make mistakes

28/08/2018 |

This summer, I made a French shop assistant laugh out loud. I’d love to tell you the witty joke I made in masterful French, but sadly it was merely my attempt to pronounce the name of the Breton delicacy Kouign … Read More

Editorial: Advice from my younger self

26/06/2018 |

It’s the end times for ‘Jumble sales of the apocalypse’. This month’s Reform sees the last of Simon Jenkins’ column after five years. Its lively satire has received both more praise and more complaints than any other part of the … Read More

Editorial: Time to mend

29/05/2018 |

This week we will bury my dad. He died aged 78, after a short illness, so it was neither a sudden loss nor a drawn-out ordeal. He was physically marked by his illness, but not in pain or mental decline. … Read More

Editorial: It’s a lovely day out there

30/04/2018 |

It was one of the great mysteries of life when I was a child, why grown ups seemed so convinced that being outside is good for you. I’d be happily playing in the lounge and my mum would come in … Read More

Editorial: Here’s to next time

27/03/2018 |

Editing a magazine might not be a hard job, but there are some unforeseen pitfalls. I use three recording devices at once for interviews (belt, braces and stapling your trousers on) but on one occasion all three failed to record. … Read More

Editorial: There’s no going back

23/02/2018 |

When I was 11, I went on a school trip to Guernsey by plane. During the flight, a stewardess took orders for teas and coffees, and I asked for coffee. She came round with the tea first, teapot in one … Read More