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Reform Magazine | February 18, 2019

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Editorial: Female voices

22/01/2019 |

This time last year, I was telling you about my New Year’s resolution – to watch as many films by female directors as male. The background was that I watch a fair few films and, in 2017, 85% of the … Read More

Editorial: No angel

27/11/2018 |

‘What are angels?’ is this month’s ‘A good question’, inspired by the Christmas story. I don’t have an answer – I bring incorrigible scepticism to the subject, I’m afraid – but I do have my own story.

When I was … Read More

Editorial: 11-11-1911

30/10/2018 |

One hundred years ago this month, when the end of the First World War was announced, people in Britain rang bells, lit bonfires and set off fireworks. Such activities were all the more enjoyable, having been banned by the Home … Read More

Editorial: For everything there is a season

01/10/2018 |

The other Saturday was a good night. I celebrated my 50th birthday with friends and family in the hall of the Ivy House in Nunhead, London’s only cooperatively owned pub. My band played, a friend DJed, various other friends got … Read More

Editorial: How I learned to not speak French

28/08/2018 |

This summer, I made a French shop assistant laugh out loud. I’d love to tell you the witty joke I made in masterful French, but sadly it was merely my attempt to pronounce the name of the Breton delicacy Kouign … Read More

Editorial: Advice from my younger self

26/06/2018 |

It’s the end times for ‘Jumble sales of the apocalypse’. This month’s Reform sees the last of Simon Jenkins’ column after five years. Its lively satire has received both more praise and more complaints than any other part of the … Read More