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Reform Magazine | July 13, 2024

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May 2016 Archives - Page 2 of 3 - Reform Magazine

Reviews – May 2016

22/04/2016 |

Harrowing vision of
 the Holocaust

Son of Saul Directed by László Nemes Certificate 15, 107 minutes Released 29 April

Knowing its subject matter in advance doesn’t prepare the viewer for just how difficult this movie is going to be to … Read More

20 Questions: Kate Bottley

22/04/2016 |

What is your favourite time of year? About 12.30am on Christmas morning, I walk out of midnight Communion and stand in a silent, empty churchyard. After a few moments, I’m joined by one of our local farmers with a hip … Read More

“What God might be up to”

22/04/2016 |

Greenbelt Festival and the United Reformed Church are going into partnership for the next two years. It’s a plan involving scrap metal, cake, flash mob liturgy and big questions, as Stephen Tomkins discovers

There are acrobats clambering around a huge … Read More

Learning to grow, growing to learn

22/04/2016 |

Westminster College is expanding into a theological hub

The diggers are back at Westminster College, Cambridge. After a £7m redevelopment project between 2013 and 2014, which transformed the historic building into a modern centre for learning, building work is happening … Read More

Commitment-Phobe: The tricky skill of praying for others

22/04/2016 |

Moving on from atheism, Commitment-Phobe toured churches and tried God. Now, as a new Christian, the journey continues

During our Sunday service, everyone is invited to come up to receive personal prayer should they want it. Someone on the prayer … Read More

Chapter & verse: Acts 2:1-21

22/04/2016 |

John Proctor asks if Pentecost rings any bells

Bells are about the only sound missing on the Day of Pentecost. Yet, the chapter rings many a bell. It resonates with a host of hopes and encounters from elsewhere in the … Read More