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Reform Magazine | September 23, 2019

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July/August 2018

Chapter & Verse: Luke 4: 18-19

26/06/2018 |

Samuel Silungwe on sharing the Good News

The Good News has to be preached. From Luke to Acts we see Jesus and the Church bringing Good News, proclaiming freedom, restoring sight and freeing the oppressed. Jesus’ commission is also the … Read More

Game changer

26/06/2018 |

How a soccer tournament is transforming the way street children are seen and treated. Stephen Tomkins is on the sidelines

The Street Child World Cup was the brainchild of a pupil sitting in school assembly one day. A group of … Read More

I am… agoraphobic

26/06/2018 |

Laura Bartley on being agoraphobic

I began suffering with severe agoraphobia in 2015 after the breakup of a long-term relationship. I started having panic attacks every day, sometimes several in a day. They were so horrible that I became terrified … Read More

Jumble sales of the apocalypse: Can the God of the Bible take a joke?

26/06/2018 |

A fond farewell from Simon Jenkins

All jumble sales must come to an end, even (or especially) apocalyptic ones. It’s time for all the tat no one wanted to take home to be tossed into a black bin bag and … Read More

Editorial: Advice from my younger self

26/06/2018 |

It’s the end times for ‘Jumble sales of the apocalypse’. This month’s Reform sees the last of Simon Jenkins’ column after five years. Its lively satire has received both more praise and more complaints than any other part of the … Read More

On the pilgrim way: ‘What gives me hope? It’s a difficult question’

26/06/2018 |

Sheila Maxey considers what gives her hope

I have always found change exciting, even liberating. The beginning of a new school year, going to a new place on holiday, changing jobs, even moving furniture around during a spring cleaning surge. … Read More