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Reform Magazine | July 13, 2024

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Lessons from a small country

29/01/2024 |

Elizabeth Welch discovers what Nauru, one of the world’s smallest countries, has to teach the UK Church

In September, together with my husband and my brother, I paid an amazing visit to the world’s third smallest country, Nauru, one of … Read More

Truth, lies and the thinking Christian

29/01/2024 | 1

Believers need to fight for truth and use their brains, argues Graham Handscomb

Truth-telling is a commodity that is in very short supply nowadays. Everywhere, it seems, people make claims that have little basis in reality. It has become OK … Read More

Something new at Number 84

29/01/2024 |

An experimental community is taking shape in Redcar, Sue Walker writes

A few years ago, the United Reformed Church’s Northern Synod spent some time mulling over the idea that there’s more than one way of being and doing church. The … Read More

Living in a world of war

12/12/2023 |

If individuals can’t solve the conflicts of a violent world, what can we do? asks Graham Handscomb

How can we deal with war? I don’t mean as a society, or as the international community, but as individuals. And I’m not … Read More

Partners across the ocean

12/12/2023 | 1

The first missionaries to Madagascar in 1818 were from Wales. A group visiting from Wales this year found that relationships between these countries still matter

In July, a group of 11 people from churches around Wales made a two-week visit … Read More

Jesus and… Incarnation

12/12/2023 |

A series on what we have to learn from and about Jesus on a range of subjects. This month, Hannah Fytche on ‘the Word made flesh’

Near where I live there’s a perfect spot from which to watch for kingfishers. … Read More