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Reform Magazine | June 13, 2024

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Personal saviour?

26/03/2024 |

Trevor Jamison asks why Mary Magdalene did not – and then did – recognise the risen Jesus

What prevented Mary Magdalene from recognising Jesus on the first Easter morning, when, the Gospel of John tells us, she took him for … Read More

Communicating across the world

26/03/2024 |

Andy Jackson reports from a mission conference in Kuala Lumpur

I first came across the London Missionary Society (LMS) through a blue plastic, oval-shaped money box….

Andy Jackson is Head of Communications for the United Reformed Church


The kindness of strangers

28/02/2024 |

Colin Thompson tells the remarkable story of a Jewish girl saved from Czechoslovakia in 1939

My mother, Hertha, celebrated her 100th birthday on 17 July last year. The story of how she came to be in this country at all … Read More

Jesus and… his biographers

28/02/2024 |

Susan Durber on what we learn from four different lives of Jesus

At the heart of Christian faith is the compelling story of Jesus of Nazareth. Christianity is not abstract, but begins with the story of a person….

Susan Durber … Read More

Talking to a generation

28/02/2024 |

Samantha Sheehan looks at how churches can engage with 18-25-year-olds

It’s the ultimate question for the Church: how do we engage with 18-25-year-olds?..

Samantha Sheehan is a special-category minister exploring how congregations can engage with 18-25-year-olds. She is available to … Read More

New beginnings for URC Youth

28/02/2024 |

There’s no sitting still for URC Youth, as reports from January’s Youth Assembly make clear

Things are changing for URC Youth Assembly. A new Moderator, Heather Moore…

Laurence Wareing is Content Editor for Reform


This is an … Read More