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Reform Magazine | September 19, 2021

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Christian activist

Christian activist: Combatting Trident

02/09/2013 |

Joanna Frew describes a peaceful protest against nuclear weapons

As we lay there in the sun, surrounded by lush green hedgerows and listening to birdsong, it was hard to keep in mind that behind us, the final assembly of some … Read More

Christian activist: We must stop eating like this

16/07/2013 |

Dixe Wills presents the challenge of veganism

How risky is your life? Do you sometimes cross the road just after the green man has turned red? Or perhaps you get your thrills from drilling holes in walls without first checking … Read More

Christian activist: Lessons in love

22/05/2013 |

Vivian Palmer shares lessons in love

Sunday morning. Welcome at the door, singing, teaching, and tea and coffee at the end. Does this sound familiar? On Sunday, we enter a church community, but when we go out of the doors … Read More

Christian activist: Let us boycott

24/04/2013 |

Dixe Wills on boycotting

Poor old Charles Cunningham Boycott. While Wellington bequeathed us his rubbery boot, the Earl of Sandwich his portable bread-based victuals, and Molotov his cocktail (writing as one who has made one, let me warn you that … Read More