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Reform Magazine | January 16, 2022

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November 2015

Commitment-Phobe: Prosecco preaching

23/10/2015 |

“My advice to the newbie Christian: If you want to evangelise, do it sober”

Earlier this year, I found myself at the joint birthday party of a couple of old friends of mine. They are friends from a time before … Read More

Interview: Marked from the womb

23/10/2015 |

Bishop Eggoni Pushpa Lalitha talks to Stephen Tomkins about spirituality and solidarity

Eggoni Pushpa Lalitha became the first female bishop in Asia from the Anglican Communion when she was consecrated bishop of Nandyal on the feast of St Michael and … Read More

Christian Activist: Peace at the arms fair

23/10/2015 |

“Standing in front of an armoured vehicle felt 
like a small step in the right direction”

On Tuesday 8 September, I was among many Christians representing a broad spectrum of denominations who travelled from across the country to gather outside … Read More

Jumble sales of the apocalypse: What’s the drill for the day of judgement?

23/10/2015 |

One of the questions that isn’t ever quite covered in the Alpha Course is: What do you do when the Second Coming is scheduled for next Wednesday? It’s a good question, and I think it ought to be included the … Read More

Chapter and Verse: Matthew 18:1-5

23/10/2015 |

“How are we, who are adults, to become like little children again?”

The disciples want to know which of them will be the greatest in the Kingdom. Peter, James and John are probably the hot favourites – they’ve just witnessed … Read More

A letter from… Tanzania

23/10/2015 |

Midwives in Tanzania look forward to the coming of water

Water is life. We need to have safe, clean water for the hospital staff and also for the patients. We are supposed to have a very clean environment so that … Read More