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Reform Magazine | August 13, 2022

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March 2021

On the pilgrim way: ‘Virtual communication brings special blessings’

01/03/2021 |

Sheila Maxey works on her technophobia

My family considers me technophobic. I find answering calls on my mobile phone difficult; I panic when a new sign arrives on my computer; I am liable to end up in tears of frustration … Read More

Do stay for tea and coffee: What message should 2021 You give to 2020 You?

01/03/2021 |

Paul Kerensa talks back to 2020

Early 2020. You’re out shopping. Possibly off to a cafe, pub or restaurant. Suddenly, a strange person emerges from, say, a DeLorean or old-fashioned police box. Strange, because it’s you. You from 2021.

You … Read More

Editorial: Every ending is a beginning

01/03/2021 |

I’m not claiming to make a particularly original contribution to the world of spiritual reflection or literary imagination here, but I just stepped out the front door, and saw that yellow crocus buds had emerged through the frozen snow, and … Read More

Reviews – March 2021

01/03/2021 |

Punk biopic

Poly Styrene: I am a clichéDirected by Celeste Bell and Paul SngCertificate 12a, 96 minutesReleased 5 March at www.modernfilms.comViewers can select a participating local cinema to share the revenue of the virtual box office

This documentary about the … Read More

Interview: Higher goal

01/03/2021 |

Former England striker Eniola Aluko talks to Charissa King

The name ‘Eniola’, from Nigerian Yoruba culture, means ‘person of wealth’. It might sound like an apt phrase to describe a former England striker, now commentator and football executive. But Eniola … Read More

A good question: Are churches united enough now?

01/03/2021 |

One question, four answers

These are extracts from an article published in the March 2021 edition of Reform

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