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Reform Magazine | September 28, 2020

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Art in Focus

Art in focus: October 2020

28/09/2020 |

The Good Samaritan (after Delacroix)Vincent van Gogh, oil on canvas

When he painted this picture, van Gogh was himself in need of care. He was living in Saint-Paul psychiatric asylum, in the south of France, where he had arrived exhausted, … Read More

Art in focus: September 2020

29/08/2020 |

Jawahar AnshurMarc Quinn, concrete

Marc Quinn made headlines in July for his sculpture, A Surge of Power (Jen Reid), which was immediately removed by Bristol Council from the plinth newly vacated by the controversial figure of Edward Colston. Some people … Read More

Art in focus: July/August 2020

26/06/2020 |

Solar SystemEllen Harding Baker, wool-fabric applique, silk embroidery

In 1876, the solar system was all the rage. Ellen Harding Baker was an astronomer – an acceptable field of interest for women in the 19th century – and was looking for … Read More

Art in focus: May 2020

24/04/2020 |

GaiaLuke Jerram

We have been gazing at the moon for millennia but the first time humankind saw the earth first hand – a beautiful blue and white sphere floating in space – was in 1968, with Nasa’s Apollo 8 mission. … Read More

Art in focus: April 2020

01/04/2020 |

Transfiguration, from the Gunda Gunde Gospels

In the remote Tigre region of Ethiopia there is a monastery dating back to the late 14th century. Legend has it that it is built on a crater where there lived a dragon named … Read More

Art in focus: March 2020

21/02/2020 |

Three HaresRob Pepper

These three hares can be seen cavorting in the centre of the chancel ceiling in St Luke’s Church, West Holloway, London. They were painted when the artist Rob Pepper, who is a member of St Luke’s, led … Read More