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Reform Magazine | June 27, 2022

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Art in Focus

Art in Focus – June 2022

28/05/2022 |

Picking OlivesSliman Mansouroil on canvas, 1988

I was balancing in an olive tree, wielding a stick, beating the branches to bring the olives bouncing down onto a large ground sheet. At lunchtime I sat with the Palestinian family round a … Read More

Art in Focus – April 2022

28/03/2022 |

Detail from The lamentation over the dead Christ with saints,Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi, also known as Sandro Botticelli(a nickname meaning ‘little barrel’), 1499-1500

Is there a better depiction of devotion and love, of the need to cherish and … Read More

Art in Focus – March 2022

25/02/2022 |

Black SquareKazimir MalevichOil on linen, 1915Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

A painting that is simply a black square. Really? This work by Kazimir Malevich caused an uproar when it was first shown in 1915. The plain black canvas (albeit now with a … Read More

Art in Focus – February 2022

28/01/2022 |

Maundy ThursdayMalcolm Doney, 2019

Covid has been awful, alienating, and tragic for some but, as we’ve slowly begun to realise, it has had a few beneficial effects as well. We’ve recognised our dependence on one another and on public services. … Read More

Art in Focus – October 2021

24/09/2021 |

RefugeeKate Green, charcoal on

She stands quietly, her gaze slightly to one side. Behind her a stormy sky, a smudgy moon and light in the distance, which could be a happier time but could equally be the livid light … Read More

Art in Focus – September 2021

31/08/2021 |

‘Take pride in knowing that your struggle will play the biggest role in your purpose’Marcus Rashford, 2021Mural by AKSE P19

This wall mural of Marcus Rashford in Manchester is by now a familiar image – almost an icon. Street … Read More