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Reform Magazine | January 23, 2022

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Art in Focus

Art in Focus – October 2021

24/09/2021 |

RefugeeKate Green, charcoal on

She stands quietly, her gaze slightly to one side. Behind her a stormy sky, a smudgy moon and light in the distance, which could be a happier time but could equally be the livid light … Read More

Art in Focus – September 2021

31/08/2021 |

‘Take pride in knowing that your struggle will play the biggest role in your purpose’Marcus Rashford, 2021Mural by AKSE P19

This wall mural of Marcus Rashford in Manchester is by now a familiar image – almost an icon. Street … Read More

Art in Focus – July/August 2021

29/06/2021 |

St Augustine’s Confessions, Part 3 (Series)Gillian Lever, 2016

Sometimes abstract art can go to the heart of things. This joyful image was made by artist Gillian Lever. She says, ‘Art making for me is a mindful and mystical occupation, centring … Read More

Art in Focus – June 2021

28/05/2021 |

Adam Meets the AnimalsDetail from the Tapestry of the Creation(11th – 12th century), Girona Cathedral, Italy

Adam is looking in wonder at the variety of creatures surrounding him. And well he might. He seems to be encountering a unicorn! This … Read More

Art in Focus – May 2021

23/04/2021 |

Tears of Gold: Portrait of a Yazidi womanHannah Rose Thomas, 2014

During the Syrian civil war, Isis abducted and enslaved more than 6,000 Yazidi women and children. Many of those who escaped ended up at the Jinda Centre, a rehabilitation … Read More

Art in Focus – April 2021

26/03/2021 |

Cross We BearSokari Douglas-Camp, steel, glass, acetate, 90s air

The brilliance of art is that one image can convey multiple meanings, and keep on delivering new insights the longer you live with it. In 1999, sculptor Sokari Douglas-Camp made this … Read More