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Reform Magazine | July 13, 2024

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Here & Now: Phoebe Edmonds

03/06/2024 |

Phoebe Edmonds on prayer as protest

’Why don’t you actually do something rather than just praying about it?’

This is what a passer-by shouted to us during the 14-day ‘No Faith in Fossil Fuels’ vigil we held outside parliament in … Read More

Soul stories: Barnabas Shin

03/06/2024 |

Barnabas Shin on working through a crisis of faith

My journey of faith started when my sister led me, a five-year-old boy, to church. Although I was not born into a Christian family, I grew up in a faith community. … Read More

On the pilgrim way: ‘I know many widows fighting their lone battles with ageing’

03/06/2024 |

Sheila Maxey is inspired by widows facing older age

I live a very sheltered life these days: a safe familiar home, no financial worries, a supportive family at the end of the phone, good neighbours for the occasional practical crisis….

Read More

Do stay for tea and coffee: ‘We went through Acts in the style of one long recap: Previously in the Bible…’

03/06/2024 |

If you’re on your church’s preaching team, miss a preachers’ meeting at your peril. You’ll be signed up for an all-age sermon covering the whole book of Acts. I speak from experience…

Paul Kerensa is on tour around the country. … Read More

Preach it!

03/06/2024 |

Lucy Berry is a writer, performance poet and United Reformed Church minister. Stephen Tomkins talked to her following the publication of her book Being a Preacher: Reflections and practical advice on speaking to be heard

How did you come to … Read More

A good question: Does the Church have a problem with class?

03/06/2024 |

One question, four answers

Liz Kam‘Our Church is built on middle-class ideals’

As a Church-Related Community Worker (CRCW), my immediate response is to shout, ‘Yes! Obviously!’Class is a complex issue sociologically, culturally and economically. The nuances involved in how we … Read More