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Reform Magazine | May 16, 2021

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February 2016

Niall Cooper: Europe: to stay or not to stay

22/01/2016 |

As Christians, do we make this choice out of self-interest or solidarity?

What has Europe ever done for us? This is probably the most important question we will all be asked this year, in preparation for the forthcoming European Union … Read More

Commitment-Phobe: The mouths of babes

22/01/2016 |

When your spiritual guide is a child

I think most people have a spiritual guide of sorts – a person who inspires them either to think about their faith more deeply or to engage with faith in the first place. … Read More

Chapter & verse: Exodus 20:1-21 and Matthew 5:1-12

22/01/2016 |

Susan Durber hears how texts talk to each other

The church where I worship has two sets of texts in niches the shape of tablets (the Moses kind of tablet, not iPads!) on the front wall of the sanctuary. The … Read More

Get Away!

22/01/2016 |

From organising an overseas group tour to slipping off on a solo retreat, Reform looks at the options for Christian holidays

If you’re planning a holiday this year, why not add a spiritual dimension? At the more ambitious end of … Read More

What is the Spirit doing?

22/01/2016 |

Brian Harley shares stories of encounter and renewal in the churches

The Holy Spirit is God living and working among us – not some scary ghost but the very presence of God in our lives just as Jesus promised: “He … Read More

Reviews – February 2016

22/01/2016 |

A tale of many walls


Belfast: Toward a city without walls Vicky Cosstick Colourpoint Books £15 ISBN: 9781780730721



The Berlin Wall came down in 1989 but one UK city – Belfast – has almost … Read More