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Reform Magazine | August 18, 2019

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February 2014

Reviews – February 2014

27/01/2014 |

Meeting an old friend
 for the first time

Confessions St Augustine, translated by 
Fr Benignus O’Rourke Darton, Longman and Todd £12.99

I have a confession of my own to make: I had never actually read Augustine before. Like many of … Read More

Editorial: A year for remembering

27/01/2014 |

I have a sixth sense. More powerful than any of the normal five, it reaches across miles and years. It brings me scenes, conversations, events, sensations and information from far distant times and places. It’s a superpower I share with … Read More

Simon Jenkins: Between hairiness and holiness

27/01/2014 |

Beards have been bristling into the headlines in the recent months. Jeremy Paxman’s decision to give his razor a rest last summer proved as much of a gift to journalists as David Dimbleby’s tattoo. The Newsnight audience polarised into pro … Read More

News of the world

21/01/2014 |

David Tatem reports his experience of the 10th Assembly of the World Council of Churches, South Korea

Perhaps the first question one asks oneself at a gathering such as the World Council of Churches Assembly is: “What can I compare … Read More

The Continuity Garden

21/01/2014 |

A garden can give us more help dealing with death than theological wishful thinking, finds Ian Fosten

For more than 30 years I have carried out countless bereavement visits and funerals as part of my pastoral ministry. I have been … Read More

Christian activist: Who checks the checkpoints?

20/01/2014 |

Andy Walton checks on an Israeli checkpoint

When I was asked to write this column, a word in the title stood out to me – the word “activist” immediately had me humming that great old Billy Bragg song, “Waiting for … Read More