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Reform Magazine | August 25, 2019

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April 2014

A radical unwelcome

27/03/2014 |

Fleur Houston fears letting in the Immigration Bill

The Immigration Bill is designed, the government says, to “create a really hostile environment” for people who do not have a legal right to be in the UK. In fact, it creates … Read More

On the pilgrim way: Battling negativity

27/03/2014 |

During the last gloomy days of a long wet winter, I struggled with the fine line between being inspired and being demoralised, and between admiration and jealousy.

I think it was the celebratory funeral for a wonderful local woman which … Read More

Qumran Communion

27/03/2014 |

John Miller considers the evidence that the Last Supper was an Essene Passover

Jesus met with his disciples at a secret location in Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. He said that he had longed to share “this Passover” with them, … Read More

Editorial: Are we cyclists admirable or appalling?

27/03/2014 |

In the year that I’ve been at Reform, I’ve been cycling into the office – a 50-minute journey – and home again, as is only to be expected.

When I mention this fact to people, which I do at every … Read More

Parent power

27/03/2014 |

Charissa King visits a parental support project in Southampton

Twenty-six years ago, the congregation of Avenue St Andrews United Reformed Church in Southampton noticed that the families living in bedsits nearby had nowhere to go during the day. They had … Read More

Christian activist: Investing in starvation

24/03/2014 |

Heidi Chow tackles food speculation

Four years I ago I joined the World Development Movement (WDM)’s campaign to stop banks betting on hunger. The campaign was launched in response to the global food crisis of 2007-8, in which huge spikes … Read More