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Reform Magazine | October 16, 2018

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April 2014

Theology to suit you

27/03/2014 |

From bitesize chunks to practical qualifications and degrees, there’s a theological course out there for you, and you can do it wherever you are

What do a convict serving a 15-year sentence in Texas, the controller of BBC Parliament and a … Read More

Chapter & verse: John 18:25-27

27/03/2014 |

Meanwhile, as Simon Peter stood warming himself, he was asked: “Are you another of his disciples?” But he denied it: “I am not,” he said. One of the high priest’s servants, a relation of the man whose ear Peter had … Read More

Commitment-Phobe: Angels and awkward handshakes

27/03/2014 |

Having decided to move on from atheism, Commitment-Phobe 
is touring churches of all denominations to see if she can find God

It has been six months, and I am frustrated. I knew this journey wasn’t going to be easy, but … Read More

A letter from… Yemen

27/03/2014 |

Surviving in a Yemeni prison

My name is Hafsah. I’m 27 years old. I’m currently imprisoned in Central Prison Hodeidah, Yemen. In five months I will be released, and I feel so happy to know I will be free again. … Read More

Niall Cooper: Hope within the wilderness

27/03/2014 |

Finding hope in today’s bleak climate

We live in bleak times, and are bombarded by bad news. At times, we may feel discouraged, hopeless and impotent in the face of spending cuts and rising prices, whose impacts are bearing increasingly … Read More

Reviews – April 2014

27/03/2014 |

Paying for the sins
 of the fathers

Calvary Directed by John Michael McDonagh Certificate 15, 100 minutes Released on 11 April

Brendan Gleeson’s Father James is a better priest than we are used to seeing on screen. A man of … Read More