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Reform Magazine | October 23, 2018

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World gone wrong

22/05/2013 |

In a new, three-part series, Lawrence Moore takes a fresh look at sin, forgiveness and confession. First: why sin’s not a personal business

It was 1989 – the year before Mandela was released from prison and the process of dismantling … Read More

Five things I’ve learned about dialogue

22/05/2013 |

Phil Wyman reflects on lessons learned from talking with pagans – and being excommunicated for it

I’ve made national news on a couple occasions in the United States for exploring new ways to exchange different ideas on religion. In the … Read More

Making waves

22/05/2013 |

The pioneering seafaring missionary met a grisly end – but his story lives on. Tricia Legge celebrates John Williams

When I was a child, and halfpennies had a ship insignia on them, I joined other children in collecting them towards … Read More

God’s playground: Greenbelt at 40

22/05/2013 |

Stephen Tomkins pitches up at the festival

Some say that at the first Greenbelt, festival-goers were outnumbered by police. In 1973, music festivals were associated with violent clashes between police and hippies, so when a new one sprang up on … Read More

Growing pains

24/04/2013 |

However much we disagree on how to achieve it, politicians promise the same thing – an economy that grows and grows forever. Jill Segger doesn’t buy it

We do not live by bread alone, nor can we live without it. … Read More

Welcome home?

24/04/2013 |

Discrimination can face us in many ways, in many places. But the first step to tackling it, Mark Argent finds, is to look inside

What does it mean to be welcomed? And what does it mean not to be? While … Read More