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Reform Magazine | October 30, 2020

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Editorial: Why I scrapped my sermon

25/03/2020 |

As so often in writing editorials for Reform, I find myself on the other side of big events from you. There have been, as I write, 1,395 cases of coronavirus confirmed in the UK, and I have had to change … Read More

Editorial: The hand of God?

21/02/2020 |

This week – as I write – in 1945, the place where I work was hit by a V2 flying bomb. The rocket directly hit a three-storey house; and, as well as neighbouring houses, the blast wrecked Presbyterian Church House, … Read More

Editorial: A problem with robes

24/01/2020 |

What kind of person would split a nationwide Church because they disapprove of the clothes the ministers wear? Someone with no sense of proportion? A fanatic? Someone who places their own opinions above the mission of the Church?

This is … Read More

Editorial: Christmas or politics?

22/11/2019 |

This December brings us perhaps the most important general election in a generation. An occasion of anxiety and alarm for people of quite different perspectives, of nationwide division, of misinformation, of grave decisions.

It also brings us Christmas. Which would … Read More

Editorial: The gift of gratitude

01/11/2019 |

When my boys were younger, if they said to me, ‘Thanks for dinner,’ I would often say: ‘Thank you for saying thank you.’ Which they would find mildly amusing, and reply: ‘Thank you for saying thank you for saying thank … Read More

Editorial: Empty nest

27/09/2019 |

Thirty-one years ago this month, I unexpectedly got a place a St Martin’s College, Lancaster, and my mum drove me up the motorway from London.

As we were early, we walked around the town in the rain, without managing to … Read More