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Reform Magazine | April 22, 2019

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On the pilgrim way: Living in the moment

20/11/2012 |

I have always been a long-term planner, but I only discovered as an adult that not everyone has a mental diagram of the year ahead. My years have four corners – end of April, June, September and December – and … Read More

Niall Cooper: Hopes and hardships

20/11/2012 |

Are you looking forward to the New Year with a feeling of foreboding or a spirit of hope and optimism?

To be sure, there are many reasons to feel hopeless as we enter 2013: The continuing threat of unchecked climate … Read More

Single Mum: Hymn-singing

20/11/2012 |

I grew up with hymns. I learned to bellow Away in a Manger at about the same age that I memorised Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star – and probably, at that age, they made similar sense. My mother and grandmother used … Read More

Chapter & Verse: John 1: 1-14

20/11/2012 |

There are some passages that never fail to give me goosebumps, however many times I hear them read, and none succeeds more than hearing the prologue to John’s gospel in a candle-lit church at Christmas. John evokes the awesome power, … Read More

Community-minded: In praise of evaluation

20/11/2012 |

From his birth in Bethlehem to his resurrection appearances, Jesus turned expectations and received wisdom on its head. Even his closest disciples were constantly surprised by his statements and behaviour. He made people see life from a new perspective, which … Read More

Eco-Gardener: Getting cosy for winter

02/11/2012 |

I cannot fathom how little old me – all 5ft 2” of me, managed to produce a son who is rapidly approaching 6ft. Ollie delights in patting me on the head now that he is towering over me and another … Read More