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Reform Magazine | August 13, 2020

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Commitment-Phobe: Home church

24/04/2020 |

Does church matter?

Maybe the biggest question I have at this time is: what matters? Grammar? And my eight year old learning it? No. Makeup? No. New clothes? No. Food? Very much.

Does knowing how to cook, clean up, repeat, … Read More

Here & now: Victoria Turner

24/04/2020 |

Victoria Turner considers how church can be community without physically meeting

I really have struggled to know what to write concerning the Covid-19 virus. It seems there is so much to say that beginning to say anything is overwhelming.

The … Read More

I am… a survivor of torture

24/04/2020 |

How Kolbassia Haoussou overcame torture

I have taken many journeys. After enduring torture in my home country, escaping to the shores of the UK was one. Enduring homelessness in the British climate while suffering from trauma was another. These experiences … Read More

On the pilgrim way: ‘Spiritually, I am being cut down to size’

24/04/2020 |

In these strange times, what I write in late March may no longer apply when you read this. Nevertheless, I write.

Nature is putting on its very best show. I look out on a magnificent magnolia. My pots are full … Read More

Do stay for tea and coffee: ‘Is this an introvert’s dream?’

24/04/2020 |

Paul Kerensa considers introverts in self isolation

In last month’s column I asked if the Church is just as open for business for introverts and extroverts alike. Yet, since the previous column, most church buildings are no longer open for … Read More

Chapter and verse: Mark 4:35-41

24/04/2020 |

Peggy Mulambya-Kabonde on why we must sail with Jesus

How do we respond to challenging situations in life? As Jesus and his disciples were crossing to the other side of the lake, they encountered a strong wind that brought fear … Read More