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Reform Magazine | October 16, 2021

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On the pilgrim way ‘I worry about crossing my bridges too soon’

24/09/2021 |

Sheila Maxey on the challenge of living in the present

I am in a bit of a turmoil, trying to live fully in the present and at the same time worrying that I should be looking to the future.

When … Read More

Here and Now: Jo Harris

24/09/2021 |

Jo Harris celebrates the healing power of music

I am a music student, hoping to one day help those battling mental health, through music, one step at a time. You might be wondering how I might want to do this. … Read More

I am… a survivor of conversion therapy

24/09/2021 |

A survivor of conversion therapy looks back

I grew up in a small village west of Edinburgh during the 80s and 90s. Knowing from a very early age that I was lesbian meant that I harboured a constant, painful secret. … Read More

Chapter & verse: Matthew 16:13-20

24/09/2021 |

Emmanuel Frimpong hears Jesus’s call

Who is Jesus Christ? For some people, Jesus Christ was just a human being, the son of a carpenter and a woman who was not a virgin. For such people, it is unthinkable for Jesus … Read More