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Reform Magazine | August 20, 2019

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I am… an orphan?

02/07/2019 |

Am I an orphan?

Can you call yourself an orphan as an adult? The word implies child, right? But at what point do you stop being someone’s child? All I know is that, rightly or wrongly, in the lead up … Read More

Do stay for tea and coffee: ‘I’m going to explain the entire Bible…’

01/07/2019 |

The dangers of mistimed sermons

Ah, the mistimed sermon. We’ve all been there. Who hasn’t heard – or possibly even given – one or two of those?

I don’t mean the sermon with inappropriate timing – the wedding sermon citing … Read More

On the pilgrim way: ‘I want to resist conclusions about prayer’

01/07/2019 |

Sheila Maxey tries to describe – and not analyse – prayer

I am very hesitant to speak, let alone write about prayer. It is so easy, as mere mortals, to find ourselves, in our heavy-footed way, analysing, quantifying, drawing conclusions … Read More

A letter from… a Ugandan refugee camp

01/07/2019 |

Alex Sokiri reports from a Ugandan refugee camp

When the war started in 2016, it was Sunday and we were in church. Every person had to run for their life. On that very day, many people were killed. You could … Read More