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Reform Magazine | June 25, 2019

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April 2016

20 Questions: Loretta Minghella

27/03/2016 |

What is your favourite time of year? May time. The hawthorn blossom is glorious, we celebrate the birthdays of my two children Olivia and Toby, and of course it’s Christian Aid Week time too!

Where would you like your mortal … Read More

A letter from… Tuvalu, Polynesia

27/03/2016 |

Our island is just 26 sq km, so climate change and rising sea are the major issues that we face. If there is no wind at high tide, we are happy, but when high tide comes together with strong winds … Read More

Jumble sales of the apocalypse: Jesus’ sense of humour

27/03/2016 | 1

Simon Jenkins ponders Jesus’ sense of humour

The shortest verse in the Gospels is famously: “Jesus wept.” But how about: “Jesus laughed”? Did that ever happen? Can faith be funny? Does the Holy Ghost make people split their sides? Has … Read More

Peak pilgrimage

27/03/2016 |

The travel writer Dixe Wills tries Britain’s newest pilgrimage

Sorry, you’ll have to come back over the stepping stones – I forgot to read you what it says in the guide book.”

Carl, a long-suffering soul who serves the twin … Read More

Commitment-Phobe: Farewell tears

27/03/2016 |

Grieving for my minister

I never expected to become friends with the Vicar. Being only recently converted from atheism, I wasn’t so interested in vesting authority in the person guiding the spiritual life of our church. But then I became … Read More

On the Pilgrim Way: Fresh growth

27/03/2016 |

Sheila Maxey wonders at fresh growth

I have had time this spring to watch and wonder at all kinds of fresh growth – in nature and in children. A large magnolia is in my sightline as I sit at my … Read More