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Reform Magazine | June 13, 2024

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March 2017 Archives - Page 2 of 3 - Reform Magazine

Niall Cooper: How to meet the reality of poverty

27/02/2017 |

When you think about poverty, who do you think about? Poverty is not an abstract concept – something affecting people far away. But for some reason, we struggle to ‘see’ poverty close to home.

Fiction has a certain power. The … Read More

Jumble sales of the apocalypse: Jesus, Mary and motors

27/02/2017 |

Simon Jenkins reflects on our love affair with Jesus, Mary and motors

I found a ‘Jesus space’ the other day while I was circling the soulless car park of my local B&Q. This is something to celebrate, because a Jesus … Read More

Doing good and doing God

27/02/2017 |

How has UK Christianity changed in the last ten years, and what does this teach us about the future? Nick Spencer reflects on Theos thinktank’s first decade

It’s the kind of question you can’t help but ask yourself at a … Read More

Reviews – March 2017

27/02/2017 |

Meet our radical forebears

The Leveller Revolution John Rees Verso £25 (hardback) ISBN: 9781784783884


Historians have long debated the significance of the Levellers’ contribution to the English revolution. In this meticulous, thoroughly researched book (it has grown out … Read More

20 Questions: Philip Yancey

27/02/2017 |

Author Phlip Yancey gives 20 answers

Are things getting better or worse? Be serious: Syria, Brexit, the Middle East, North Korea, Donald Trump. Would anyone answer ‘better’?

Where would you like your mortal remains to go? Long ago, when we … Read More

On the pilgrim way

23/02/2017 |

Sheila Maxey does battle with low spirits

Every year, during the early months of the year, I find myself struggling with low spirits. This year, irritated with myself, I decided to try to do battle with those low spirits. I … Read More